TMC The Story Teller

 Hi, my name is Andy Johnstone.  I am the face, author and brains behind ‘The Middle Corner’. Okay, I may be stretching the imagination slightly with the reference to brains !


In addition I am poet, fisherman, hill walker and watcher of people.  Rumour has it, that I am an Electrical Technician also.   However, I do believe this is still the cause of some serious debate.


I  am fortunate enough to have been born and raised in a country that has a little bit of everything and has something for everyone.  Stunning scenery, wonderfull people, truly phenominal produce across many industries.  Not to mention a history of epic proportions, in so many ways.


For years I have been fascinated at, and admired the will of ordinary people to change their lives, in one way or another.  These changes may result in a change of career, starting a business, a life changing leisure event that a person takes part in or an expedition that a person may join or organise.


What intrigues me however, is where an individual makes these changes while remaining grounded and essentially enjoy what could be described as a Midlife Crisis.


Why do we, the onlooker see the Life Change as a bad thing, I don’t believe it has to be!  In fact it is my aim to find and tell the stories of the ordinary Joe Bloggs or Mrs Smith, whom, choose to change a particular part of their life without destroying everything else in it.


So let’s ‘Choose what tomorrow has in store!’