About…The Middle Corner

I was going to….

I can’t because….

If i’d just….

Maybe when….

Sorry, but you’ll be getting none of that here!

You may get a little of;

I did….

And this….


Now I’m going to….

‘The Middle Corner’ (TMC) will take you on a journey of self change, where people have decided the time is now, not tomorrow or once I’ve done this, or did that or whatever.

This is not the story of people leaving everything they have and PHOENIXING a new life for themselves.  A new life where they walk out on everything, family, friends, work.  You know the traditional ‘Midlife Crisis’

TMC is the story of people who choose that ‘tomorrow never comes’, today is the time to cherish, to live.  Where today is the day they decided they would visit that far flung metropolis, see the depths of  that canyon, touch the top of the world and climb their chosen peak.  On the other hand it doesn’t require a Phileas Fogg to have a story of self fulfillment.  For some it’s the simplest thing, maybe a just cleaning life cobwebs away, opening the curtains and letting you see whats on your doorstep.

TMC takes the story of people who step out from that monochrome life, the one they had long since filtered all colour from, and opened themselves to new horizons in their chosen career path and flipped 180 degrees what they did for a living.  TMC will look at the folk who take that seed and plant it, tend it and reap the fruits of their labour from an idea, through to conception and  how they managed their growth without losing sight of what was close to them.

TMC will walk with people who leave their house and take the trail that was once a step too far. Run with the people on that first 5k, that 10k or bust that marathon.  TMC will climb that peak, Base Jump that bridge, skydive from that plane.   TMC will go on that road trip, coast to coast in that new roadster, or route 66 on that new bike, cycle through the French Alps in shadow of so many veterans of the ‘Tour de France’.

TMC will inspire you, TMC will challenge you, TMC will ask you, “What is your story to tell?”

Forget a Midlife Meltdown.

Live for today and make your own tomorrow!

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If you know of anyone else with an amazing life choice ask them to contact ‘The Middle Corner’ or send their details and I can contact them. No contact details will be passed to third parties.